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Rich or poor, righteous or wicked, bond or free, black or white, straight or gay… God’s seeds don’t discriminate! Anyone at anytime can seek seeds for one’s daily needs and for specific, personal challenges. When [...]

Evidence of a Loving God

Seeds are our greatest evidence of God. Not proof for skeptics, but a constant reminder that God provides for His children! Every seed bears witness of His love, justice, and mercy. Over 1,300 seed banks [...]

Building Blocks of Life

Seeds are the building blocks of life. They drive all physical, educational, and spiritual growth and abundance. They magnify small inputs to produce crucial things otherwise not available. They are the ultimate “just add water” [...]

It Endureth Forever

There is no end to growth for nourishers. It works like this: put a seed in the ground, nourish it to fruition, and get many more seeds. Nourish those, get fruit and more seeds still.

The Power of Truth

Want to experience great growth, joy, and contentment? Rejoice in the truth.

Parable of the Dreamer

Jacob taught that truth is things as they really are and as they really will be. If we're willing, God will provide a vision for how things can be and seeds to cultivate such a vision.

Why We Worship

Worship helps us learn more about God and become more like Him.

Not Feeling It?

Don't let weak desire keep you from nourishing a seed. Ironically, nourishing is actually the means to overcome this damning, natural man weakness within us.

The Merciful God

You may have imagined an angry or distant God. That may even give you some breathing room on your behaviors. But two Book of Mormon prophets testify of a merciful God and helped fill the pages of this great book with witnesses of His mercy. But don't take my word for it, find out for yourself by reading the Book of Mormon.

The Seed Planting God

God began with a world that, "Was empty and desolate because they had not formed anything but the earth." His response wasn't to throw it out, but to nourish it to its full potential. The result is a beautiful and productive earth, even in its cursed state. Thank God He's a nourishing God.

In My Head…

Yeah, everyone's writing a book. Me too. I've been writing it for years - in my head. But now I'm really going to do something about it by randomly posting the [...]


Pumpkins are on of many amazing fruits. We'd like to remind you we can't create anything like a pumpkin without the seed. Three cheers for seeds!